Italian Olive Oil

Donna Laura D.O.P.

Coming from the centuries-old olive grove of the company only a selection of olive trees make up the ExtraVirgin olive Oil D.O.P. "Donna Laura". The timely collection and speed in the pressing, give the oil a balanced taste, overall harmonic green, rich in polyphenols, low acidity.


Tenuta Alestra Staiti

Historical and dynamic company deeply rooted in the territory. From sun in the Valley Trapani, Erice Agro to the fertile lands to the heart of Sicilian countryside.
The love and passion for our land carved from a single identity.

Happy Birthday!
Celebrating 50 years of ExtraVirgin.

Editorial of January 25, 2011

The flagship product of our agriculture has made fifty years. It dates back to November 13, 1960 the text of the law which imposed the phrase "extra virgin".

The extra virgin olive oil is a culture, a tradition rooted in the territory, thanks to the skillful work of our farmers, is a flagship of Italian popular and in demand around the world. A unique product which is the largest national agricultural world, the pride of an unceasing commitment of thousands of olive-growing companies that operate with efficiency and determination.

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