Jean-Louis Barjol the new executive director.
As already expected, a Frenchman was chosen to lead the International Olive Oil Council ... >>

Fifth edition of Oil Capital!

Trieste 18 to 21 March 2011.
With more than 254 labels in the 2010 Oil Capital is a specialist event presenting the best national and foreign oil extra virgin olive oil...>>

International Olive Oil Award

Zurich - April 14, 2011.
During the "10th International Olive Oil Award - Zurich 2011" olive oils in the competition will be tasted and judged by the Swiss Olive Oil Panel, working group of active people to ZHAW... >>

Memo: bureaucracy

Labelling: the regulatory framework.
Reg. (CE) n. 1019/02...
DM 10 novembre 2009...
Circular AGEA prot. N.ACIU 2010.29...
Circular Letter ICQRF prot. n... >>


Sicilian cultivars

Brief tour of history.
The olive tree, most likely, was introduced in Sicily by the Phoenicians, who in their migration began in the sixteenth century aC to Greece and the Aegean islands, spread the cultivation in Asia Minor, Egypt and Libya, and from there to Sicily in the fourth century a.C...

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